Player & Member Registrations 2020/21


With the Covid-19 situation in 2020 affecting a great deal of things, the Waiuku District Cricket Club has decided to reduce the player fees for our juniors. We hope that this will encourage our youngsters to come and give Cricket a go this year.

Photographing / Videoing Players will be happening during practises and games. If you do not want pictures of yourself or your child displayed on our website or Facebook page, you need to contact us by email –

Year 1-2$30.00
Year 3 – 4$50.00
Year 5 – 11 (Hardball)$75.00
Senior Grades$150.00
Non-playing Members

Club Player Registration Click here!
Registration – CCNZ Member | CCNZ NZRF RIAA Conference 2019

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