Junior Cricket

Junior Cricket Team list 2019/20 Season

Year 1-2 Friday night – Waiuku Starters
eam Contact: Phil Shore 

Braxton Shore
Karthik Khanna
Keenan Bowden
Shivam Kanji

Year 3-4 Friday night – Waiuku Hackers
Team Coach: Jane Parry 

Aayush Vallabh
Charlie Lamb
Georgie Palmer
Nina Palmer
Isaac Maynard 
James Maxwell
Liam Cox
Lincoln Wheeler
Peyton Mcgibbon
Saffi Hedley-Craig

Year 5-6 – Waiuku Scorchers
Teach Coach: Logan Henwood

Brody Henwood
Kyan Mercer
Fergus Hedley-Craig
Luke Wootten
Rory Rushton
Archie Bullock
Riley White
William Walton
Daniel-John Matangireia Flavell

Year 7-8 – Waiuku Hurricanes
Team Coach: Terry Yorke

Adam Lowe
Blake Maxwell
Cooper Harris
Finn Yorke
Ishaan Patel
Liam Palmer
Matthew Harris
Tauke Kirkwood
Terence-Jack Tataiarorangi Flavell
Tommy Hardie

We have had four clubs register for the Future Caps (Year 1/2) programme, all clubs will host the programme three times during the twelve week schedule.

This grade of cricket is aimed at those who are just starting out in cricket. Players can turn up in teams or individually.

It will be held on a Friday night from 5.30pm for 60-90 minutes by CMCA staff for the first four weeks, however we expect parents to get involved to help out before taking responsibility from the fifth week.

NB. The host club will be responsible for starting and organising the session from the fifth week.

It will be a combination of cricket skills and skill based cricket games.

It is really important to learn the skills of cricket correctly and it sets the players up fantastically for cricket.

First four weeks – with CMCA:

8th November                                       Pulman Park, Takanini A1

15th November                                     Karaka Sports Park A1

22nd November                                    Massey Park, Waiuku A2

29th November                                     Mountfort Park, Outside Clubrooms

Next 8 rounds – 2 pre-Xmas and 6 post-Xmas:

6th December                                              Pulman Park, Takanini A1

13th December                                            Karaka Sports Park A1

7th February                                                 Massey Park, Waiuku A2

14th February                                               Mountfort Park, Outside Clubrooms

21st February                                               Karaka Sports Park A1

28thFebruary                                               Pulman Park, Takanini A1

6th March                                                     Massey Park, Waiuku A2

13th March                                                   Mountfort Park, Outside Clubrooms

after school programme November to mid December –

Photographing / Videoing Players will be happening during practises and games. If you do not want pictures of yourself or your child displayed on our website or Facebook page, you need to contact us by email – waiukucricket@gmail.com

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